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View of today's families

To belong to a family is to be someone for someone.

Sainte Famille

Today's Holy Family

More than 2,000 years ago, the Lord gave the world the model of the Holy Family. Can we still be inspired by it today? 


Although the context is different, the values and main events of family life remain the same. 

Joseph provided security and support for his wife and son.

Mary was responsible for the care of her husband, her child and the household duties.

Jesus, the link between them, imparted to his parents and to the world what unconditional love is all about.

Through their testimony, each of the three members of the Holy Family showed how to fulfill the primary, secondary and higher needs of human beings.


These concepts are still presented in modern teaching in the form of Maslow's pyramid.

The responsibilities that once belonged to men, women and children are now shared differently, but they remain essential to the synergy of families. The sense of security, the response to each other's needs, and the love that unites people last over time and overcome difficulties to nourish the happiness and well-being that only a family can provide.

The modern family can take many forms. Whether it is through blood ties, among a work team, a group of friends or others, it is possible to find that sense of belonging that fulfills the human need to live with others, in common. When we make the effort to find these people and maintain these relationships, then we are never alone. And that is how the Lord intended us to be:


together, in love of one another.

"Who is my mother? And my brothers?

Whoever does the will of God,

he is my brother and sister and mother."


Mark 3:33; 35

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