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Piety and dedication


A religious who follows the example of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as did Blessed Marie-Léonie Paradis, foundress of the Institute.


A woman who chooses to dedicate her life to the service of Christ in his priests while remaining sensitive to the situations of the world.

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A source of universal love, of human charity and of contagious joy, animated by an ever-renewed faith.

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A Little Sister of the Holy Family is...

Who are we?

The Institute of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family was founded in 1880 by Blessed Mother Marie-Léonie Paradis in New Brunswick, Canada. The mother house of the community was transferred to Sherbrooke, Quebec, in 1895.


Our goal is to support the priest by our prayer and service.


Our work in educational institutions has contributed to the formation not only of priests, but of doctors, lawyers, administrators, teachers and other qualified professionals as well as committed fathers.


What we do for priests, for the Church and for society, we ultimately do for Jesus. Like him who came to serve and not to be served, we live humble and joyful service as indicated in our Constitutions.


Consecrated life

There are many ways to consecrate one's life to God, both in religious life and in the laity. The path we chose to follow  begins with a call heard deep within us, a search for God, a need to live a spiritual life and to give meaning to our existence.

"I have consecrated myself to you, always I want to be yours."
(Mother Marie-Léonie Paradis, foundress of the Institute of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family) 

Like our foundress, each of our Sisters has lived and accepted the Lord's invitation in her own way. Let yourselves be inspired by their testimony...


Praise the Lord, for our beloved Foundress, Mother Marie-Léonie Paradis, has won the honors of the altars!

We are very proud to announce that on January 24, 2024, during the audience granted to His Eminence Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints, the Supreme Pontiff authorized this same Dicastery to promulgate Decrees concerning the miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Marie-Léonie Paradis.
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Support for future priests

Have you ever thought about the priesthood? Serving Christ by becoming his minister is a noble mission, but one that is no less demanding. We can support you in prayer before, during and after your formation. Please let us know! It is always a joy for us to see new ministers of the priesthood emerge.

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Support for priests

We have been at your service since 1880. As priests, you are already the object of the daily prayers of the whole community, but perhaps you have a particular intention to entrust to us? Or simply a word, a message to share with us?



Has someone close to you been part of our community? Would you like to find out more about her? Our archives have so many stories to tell... Contact us and we'll be happy to share with you!

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Historical archives

We, and all our Sisters before us, have contributed to the development of many institutions. If one of the places where we worked is the subject of your research, we may have information that could enhance your work.

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