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Mission de prière

Charism and mission

"Priests need, it seems to me, auxiliaries in their task of apostolate and no one seems to be aware of it… This thought haunts me relentlessly and strangely upsets me."

Mother Marie-Léonie Paradis, foundress

Mère Marie-Léonie
Lavement des pieds

Our charism:
the incarnation and manifestation of the face of Christ the servant

(C4, Constitutions and Rules, 2009)

"The Son of Man did not come
to be served, but to serve."

Matthew 20:28

We follow the example of Jesus in the biblical scene of the washing of the feet (John 13:1-20), which emphasizes the service of Christ. This example of humble dedication is our reference in carrying on our tasks.


Our values

Charity, fraternity, simplicity, joy and openness

Our mission: the spiritual and material support of the ministery of priests

The Lord is behind the human aspect of each minister of the priesthood. The foundress of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family, who was fully aware of this reality, transmitted to our community her respect for priests.

"Always have great respect for the priest, who is the representative of Our Lord."
Mother Marie-Léonie Paradis

We are sensitive to the current needs of priests and we support them with our life of prayer and our humble and joyful service.

(C5, Constitutions and Rules, 2009)

"We must always repeat to ourselves that our main mission is charity."
Mother Marie-Léonie Paradis

Following the example of Mother Marie-Léonie, we, the Little Sisters of the Holy Family, seek to be personally involved in the spiritual and material support of priests, so that they can concentrate on their own mission.


Thus, committed to the service of the Church, we cultivate charity by choosing a life of piety and dedication.

Service des prêtres
Jésus Marie Joseph à l'atelier

The service of priests at the example of the Holy Family of Nazareth

The Holy Family is the model that Mother Marie-Léonie wanted to give to her Institute.


Mary, mother of Jesus, proclaimed herself the handmaid of the Lord who accomplished the household tasks to create a loving home for her divine Son and her husband.

Joseph, by the work of his hands, provided his family with what they needed.

Mother Marie-Léonie took these models and applied them concretely in the realization of the mission of her community.

Service Nazareth

How we achieve our mission

We are trained to provide a variety of services: kitchen, dining room, sacristy, laundry, sewing, housekeeping and other related tasks. Office work and nursing care are also part of our field of exertise.

In addition, our journey has been interspersed with experiences in forming meditation groups and catechesis for children.

"Redouble your courage and generosity in the service of God whom you serve in the person of his ministers and their works."
Mother Marie-Léonie Paradis

Over time, the situation has changed and we have adapted to the needs. Our presence in Central America has allowed our community to continue to assist priests in institutions and especially in parishes.

When we are no longer able to carry out our tasks due to age or illness, we continue our mission through prayer. This aspect occupies a great place in our life as consecrated persons. We use it for the good of the world, especially for priesthood.

The joy and fervor that we invest in our commitment are meant to be a moral support for priests and seminarians. 

Père Camille Lefebvre, c.s.c.

"I can't tell you how glad I am [to have at last by my side] someone on whom I can confidently count on to take care of the domestic work and the proper maintenance of the culinary department, so important in a college."

Father Camille Lefebvre, c.s.c., September 3, 1874

Collaborator in the founding of the Institute of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family

What did the persons who knew us say?

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